About Pepino's Mexican Grill

We are a small family owned and operated business. We have two locations – 3832 SE Hawthorne Blvd and 914 NW 23rd. We've been at the Hawthorne location since 1994 and at the 23rd location since 1996.

Our Commitment to Quality Food

We purchase high quality products from local vendors.

We use All-Natural Chicken. Our cheese is provided by Darigold, a local northwest dairy owned by farmers. We use All-Natural, high quality steer beef.

Our Commitment to The Environment

We are proud to say that at both our locations over 90% of our trash is re-used through recycling and composting.

We Use Renewable Energy

Both our locations are highly sustainable and eco-friendly. We will continue to strive towards further greener business efforts. We offer Bike parking at our Hawthorne location. Electric car charging stations are also available close by. See the following links for maps to car charging stations.

Hawthorne: http://carstations.com/2141

23rd: Closest is Good Sam Hospital (restrictions apply)