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Our Latest Reviews

Elliottdford 8 days ago

Baja Bowls

So fresh, so tasty.

Caitie.Curtis 17 days ago

Senor Veggie Burrito


Mgarry17 23 days ago

Baja Bowls

I work across the street from Pepinos and I eat here often. The food is fresh and delicious every time. Their customer service is always top notch and they are friendly and professional. Thank you Pepinos!

Victoria 24 days ago

Tamale Combo

I absolutely love the tamale combo here at Pepino's. The texture is terrific. I get the veggie and that is fantastic because you can't hardly find those elsewhere. I have had many things off the menu and can honestly say, not once was I disappointed. The chips and salsas are to die for. They are also very accomodating for special diets. The staff is friendly, the food is fabulous and the atmosphere lends to the Mexican comfort feeling of home. If you want to have a delicious, filling and inexpensive meal, this is your place.

Ibdowd 26 days ago

Senor Veggie Burrito

My go-to order: fresh, tasty veggies plus your usual beans, rice and cheese. Delicious and satisfying, I've been getting them for years.

Kerry.R.Mccarthy 29 days ago

Fajita Burrito

Delicious and satisfying! This burrito is my go-to. I'm lucky to live just a few blocks away from Pepino's so I go there all the time.

Amy 30 days ago

Pollito Burrito

loved it many times. it is The Perfect chicken burrito

Bisoudesetoiles about 1 month ago

Steak Burrito

Pepino's is my life saver deluxxxe // everything is top notch, your belly feels happy after and the prices can't be beat. I love you Pepino's!!! 💕♥️💕 I eat there about every other day.

Brfuller11 about 1 month ago

Taco de Pescado

Their fish tacos are simple and delicious! Also well priced! I usually get the taco taqueria meal deal that's 2 tacos, chips and a drink all for under $7! All the employees are also super nice every time I go in.

Edsonbarrera about 2 months ago


The flavors in this dish are incredible. Everything is cooked to perfection making it rich in every bite and best of all everything is fresh. Taking about fresh their guacamole is made with real avocados and done everyday.

Kristayann about 2 months ago

Chipotle & Potato Burrito

Mmmmmmmm good nice sauce!

Swoods 812 16 days ago

El Cheapo Burrito

El cheapo is a reliably delicious burrito at an unbeatable price.

Flowers4heather 22 days ago

Tostada Salad

This is a great light lunch. Delicious guacamole. Friendly service. Will be back soon!

C.Chrestatos 24 days ago

Fajita Burrito

I go to Pepino's for dinner at least once a week and I am never disappointed. They are super friendly, the food is fresh & delicious and the prices definitely work for people on a budget who still like to go out to eat.

Alextealamato 25 days ago

Nachos Pepino's

So yummy! I work up the street and recommend Pepinos to anyone who comes through my store who is visiting Portland. The nachos are tooooo yummy and very affordable. I'll always be coming back ❤️

Mollie.Bootsma 28 days ago

Nachos Pepino's

Good ingredients, ample portion sizes, and great prices. My favorite local Mexican restaurant!

Amy 30 days ago

Pescado Burrito

super delicious, reliably amazing

Nbeugor about 1 month ago

Taco de Pescado

Pepino's baja fish tacos are worth the stop in. Battered fish tacos with shredded cabbage and my favorite, their smokey chipotle mayonnaise. For just a little more you can get the combination with an additional drink and chips. My favorite place in Portland for battered fish tacos. A colorful dining establishment right on Hawthorne street with a patio for the warmer months.

Nwa2 about 1 month ago

Sweet Tequila Burrito

Added chicken, was absolutely delicious! Thanks Pepinos, best Mexican food in the NW!

Kile.Taylor about 1 month ago

El Cheapo Burrito

This is by far my favorite Restaurant! The staff is so friendly and welcoming. The portion sizes for each meal are HUGE! The dishes are all so tasteful and well priced for the amount you get!

Barflypdx about 2 months ago

Pescado Burrito

I've been addicted to Pepino's Pescado Burrito for about ten years. If I don't have one at least once a week, I go into withdrawal!