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Anthony.Pharm 6 days ago

Thai Burrito

My wife and I have been going to Pepino's since 2000. We always get the Thai burrito with chicken. Tasty grilled chicken infused with Mexican spices and a touch of Thai sweetness! Chicken is moist and the orange tortilla wrap is soft. Just the right amount of rice but the added chicken is evident in amount. A great combination. The crunchy chips are complimentary with a great salsa and pickled vegetables bar. Recommend this for those who like Mexican and Asian fusion for a cross cultural delicious eat!

Thefifthring 12 days ago


We had the Fajitas. The pickled vegetables from the Salsa bar made a great addition. Nice atmosphere with lots of seating including a back patio and TV in the back room.

Kellismith51 15 days ago

Sweet Tequila Burrito

The food is awesome. My Favorite is the Sweet Tequila Burrito. We have had it delivered to my work quite a few times. It is by far everyone's favorite place .

Zero.7volts 17 days ago


Everything on the menu is delightful and everyone who works there is extremely nice and helpful. Always a great experience!

Hollyklein 18 days ago

Surfo Turfo Burrito

Pepinos is our go-to Mexican restaurant. So many great things on the menu, we have to eat there at least once a week 🙂

Sskjold 20 days ago

Shrimp Taco

Our group of 4 got 5 types of tacos to share. We actually loved them all, but he shrimp tacos with spicy sauce were the fav! The fish and chicken tacos were awesome too. We will definitely be back.

Mollie.Bootsma 24 days ago

Veggie & Egg

Really good and filling for such a reasonable price.

Egomez0831 26 days ago

Baja Bowls

I frequently order from Pepino's for several reasons and highly recommend Pepino's to everyone I encounter. 1) It is convenient. 2) The food is amazing and I have tried pretty much the whole menu. 3) The staff are all so pleasant and need to be recognized for the wonderful job they do dealing with the public. A big kudos to all staff for making such delicious food.

Bradepperly 28 days ago


I love Pepino's! I have been looking for a place like this forever. Fresh food, great prices and nice people! I

Klane4 29 days ago

Surfo Turfo Burrito

Best burrito I've had in Portland. The shrimp and steak are always perfectly cooked and the sweet tequila sauce is fantastic.

Tivoli.Digrazia about 1 month ago

Sweet Tequila Burrito

Sweet tequila burrito with steak rocks my world. Spicy, sweet, and satisfying. Plus amazing folks are cooking and serving the food

Lunch Rush about 1 month ago

Nachos Pepino's

Such a good deal, and super yummy. I like to add carne asada to mine!

Stephaniehp about 1 month ago

Fajita Burrito

Pepino's is the best Mexican food in Portland! It has been a family favorite of ours for over a decade. Both locations are wonderful. The food is fresh and flavorful and always leaves us satisfied! We make modifications to our orders and they have always come out exactly as ordered!

Cyrus.Lynch about 1 month ago

Surfo Turfo Burrito

This has become a main staple of my diet; I have it at least 3x a week. Ask about me. I am on my way to go get one as I write this review, no fake.

Deliverthistokimberly about 2 months ago

Senor Veggie Burrito

I've been going to Pepino's for years! I almost always get their Veggie Burrito as it's packed full of fresh and perfectly sautéed veggies. Makes me feel a little less guilty about eating so many of their tortilla chips along with my favorite salsa in town. I wish they bottled it!

Breslaumax about 2 months ago

Sweet Tequila Burrito

For years I have been a huge fan of the sweet tequila chicken burrito. People don't understand the joy I experience from that first bite. I can't compare it to any other burrito in town. Hands down best burrito in Portland.

Valclem 2 months ago

El Cheapo Burrito

Delicious burrito and a great deal! Comes with chips which is a plus. We come here often because the food is great and the employees are friendly.

Tarrtanya5 2 months ago

The Works Burrito

This is the BEST breakfast burrito I have ever had. The chorizo is so good and they use a great mix of veggies rather than most places that do peppers. I also come here for the Taqueria Taco Combo, the Carnitas! The Salsa Bar! On top of the personable staff. What is not to love?

Jalbini08 10 days ago

Steak Burrito

its extremely tasty, well seasoned beef. the chips are also so crunchy and good. i usually come here a few times whenever I'm in Portland

Joanieandheather 13 days ago

Surfo Turfo Burrito

This burrito is beyond good. They dont scrimp on any fixings so prepare for leftovers for the next day.

Adam 16 days ago

Sweet Tequila Burrito

My favorite burrito in Portland!! A sweet tasting, very filling, burrito that kind of has that culture blend to it. I always get 2.

Lfox 18 days ago

Taco Bar

One of the concerns we always have with hosting events for volunteers is that we don't know exactly how many are going to show up. So, obviously, that can make ordering food a little difficult. You never want to have less than what you need but you also don't like getting stuck with too many leftovers even after people get up for seconds and thirds (which they always do with Pepino's because YUM). Andy and his team have the singular focus to make sure you have a no fuss, great event. They are always on time, so friendly, and set everything up for you without a single issue. And the food: SO GOOD. They have a great variety of options, always are generous with the amount of condiments and chips they bring, and it's as good as what you'd find in their stores when made to order. Most catering companies cut corners with their catering to save money on the massive orders. Pepino's always has you in mind and the food remains as good as in store. We have used them this year alone 17 times around our organizations: from staff meetings to volunteer celebrations. If you need a great tasting, no fuss catering option, contact Pepino's. You won't be sorry!

Bob 19 days ago

Sweet Tequila Burrito

Simply the best!

Nevall.Jacobs 24 days ago

El Cheapo Burrito

The food is consistently delicious and the staff is always lovely. 10/10 I highly recommend Pepinos anytime!

Chhetshi000 26 days ago

Surfo Turfo Burrito

This Burrito is my absolute favorite! I love how the Tequila Sauce blends in with the taste of the cheese and rice to give it that rich 3D flavor. Also, it is really nice to have a diverse selection of sauces at the salsa bar to choose from. Overall, 10/10 I will definitely be coming back with friends.

Darrennelson93 27 days ago

Sweet Tequila Burrito

Great sauce, great flavor, I can't help but it get it every week! Thanks so much!

S.Felix91 29 days ago

Shrimp Taco

Delicioso y autentico! Delicious and authentic! One of the best mexican food places in portland, hands down. They're fast, and super friendly. 10/10

Carolinewhite023 29 days ago

Chipotle & Potato Burrito

I've only gotten the Chipotle Potato burrito because it's so good I just can't not get it everytime! The sauce is ameeezing! Best tortilla chips and hot sauce options IN TOWN! Thanks for filling my belly Pepinos! Oh and the Horchata is fire.

Lunch Rush about 1 month ago

Sweet Tequila Burrito

A unique and tasty burrito. I order extra sauce with mine, because the sauce is soooo good.

Lunch Rush about 1 month ago

Bean & Cheese Burrito

Simple and satisfying when you want a straightforward and delicious burrito!

Lanavilches about 1 month ago

Baja Bowls

Baja bowls are so filling, fresh, and delicious. They are low carb, high protein, and will satisfy your burrito craving without the huge tortilla.

Megick about 1 month ago

Al Pastor Burrito

Delicious burrito with great spicy flavor!

Keatingsuzy about 2 months ago

Taco de Pescado

My dish was excellent.It had the perfect match of flavors. The fish was sweet and just melted in my mouth. I will reccomend Pepino's to all of my friends and family. Keep up the good work.

Ritchie.Kristy 2 months ago

Sweet Tequila Burrito

My fiancé took me to Pepino's on our 4th date. Had the sweet tequila burrito and loved it! Been back several times in the 2 years we have been together because it is one our favorite places. Everything on the menu is amazing!

Complimentary.Colors.Pdx 2 months ago


The best thing about these enchiladas was the sauce. There wasn't too much, not too little, just the perfect amount! I tried both red and green sauce, but the verde was truly the standout of the meal. Overall, I loved eating here because the food was filling without being heavy. We will be back often now that we've discovered this spot for ourselves.


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